Are you visiting Hong Kong and looking to stay online wherever you are, with any of your own mobile devices, without hassle and high costs?

WiFiBB is a great alternative to prepaid SIM cards. Enjoy unlimited 3G internet access at a flat rate with WiFiBB, a compact wireless modem that offers up to 21.1Mbps download and 5.75Mbps upload speeds.

Each WiFiBB modem comes pre-installed with a local SIM card and fully-charged battery. We’ve also configured all the settings so that you’re good to go as soon as you press “On”!

  • We use Huawei E5331
  • 3G Wi-Fi, up to 21.1Mbps for download and 5.75Mbps for upload
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • 4-6 hours of battery life, plus option to plug in your own USB battery pack

  • No usage surprises
    or top-up hassles

    We offer an affordable flat rate of just HK$60 a day with unlimited data. Share your travel photos and videos any time and download any useful apps you come across during your trip.

  • Good with locked phones
    and any SIM standards

    Don’t worry about getting your smartphone unlocked, finding the elusive pre-paid nano-SIM, or even figuring out what kind of SIM card you need. As long as your device can connect to Wi-Fi, you’re covered.

  • Connect up to 5 devices
    at the same time

    Travelling with friends or family, need to use your laptop for work, or want to buy another book on your Kindle to read on the beach? Your WiFiBB can be used for 5 devices all at once.

  • Fast and easy pick-up
    and drop-off at the airport

    Save the travelling for the good stuff! Our office is conveniently located at the Hong Kong airport, so you can stay connected throughout your whole trip with more time to spare.